Crisis Chats – Carina Bauer from IMEX Group (Part 2)

Planet IMEX went live yesterday, with tropical Community Island and forested Education Island opening up a brand new vista for visitors.

For many, this will be their first experience of a virtual events platform. Planet IMEX is fun to navigate and gives an impressive overview of the possibilities for connecting people and delivering high-quality, interactive content online.

We’re excited to see what else will be unveiled over the coming days and weeks – especially on IMEX Community Day (Tuesday 12th), when we’ll also be presenting our own exclusive contribution. More details coming soon…!

Our Crisis Chat with Carina

With all that to look forward, here’s the second part of our Crisis Chat with IMEX Group CEO, Carina Bauer.

She talks to Julian about what resilient leadership looks like and how, when facing an uphill struggle, it’s the little things that can keep a team connected. She gives her advice for staying motivated and shares what she is most looking forward to once lockdown ends – including plans for IMEX America in September.

If you missed it, watch Part 1 of our Crisis Chat, in which Carina talks about the decision to cancel IMEX in Frankfurt and the big pivot to virtual events and an agile approach to project management.

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