Add these 10 features to make your space Instagrammable

This current dormant period is the perfect time to update and refresh your space. This extends further than offering fully-equipped meeting rooms.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal (featuring our CEO Julian) highlighted that it is becoming increasingly popular with bookers to choose ‘intentionally instagrammable meeting rooms’: spaces with photo-friendly zones that generate exposure on social media with personalised hashtags, and by tagging their Instagram handles.

Spaces that have a beautiful design, unique features, or even something as simple as a slogan print on the wall are more likely to be posted on social media, enticing both new clients and returners to book again. We have put together 10 pointers as inspiration to get your space on trend.

  1. Bare bulb pendants

The bold cords and bright, delicate bulbs are a low cost way to add some industrial charm into the space. OPENDMIND KFE, Paris, have a cluster fixed at various different heights in their kitchen area, creating a simple yet dazzling centrepiece. Choose bigger bulbs with traditional style filaments for a more vintage look.

2. Retro toys

Vintage toys and bric-a-brac bring a lot of character to a space – take the Cereal Killer Cafe in London, which is bursting with colourful childhood nostalgia. Ideal for #throwbackthursday shots.

3. Neon signs

Whether you’re making a statement with a bold, hot pink or creating calm with a soft blue or white, illuminated neon signs with inspiring phrases and famous quotes are hot spots for instagrammers. More intricate signs, like the ‘What’s your story’ sign in Playbuzz’s New York office, can be produced by professionals, or an affordable alternative is to create your own with a handy kit.


4. Living walls

A statement wall of plush green plants or tumbling foliage is an eye-catching alternative to a green space on location. Not only do they look good, but they do good. Living walls help to oxygenate a space, bringing in plenty of fresh air to boost creativity and productivity. Livingetc recommends using low-maintenance plants, such as ferns or grasses, and moss to add some texture. If you can’t grow out, grow up!

Photo: Livingetc

5. Swinging chairs

Indoor swing seats are a flexible and stylish way to break out and relax, bringing tropical ‘staycation’ vibes to the workspace. The wicker hanging seat at WeWork, Berlin, looks perfect on bohemian chic Instagram feeds and getting a picture sitting in it is now a must-do for guests. Set up a few looking out from a window, or an awkward section of space to transform it into a relaxation station, and finish with a couple cushions and blankets.

Photo: WeWork

6. World maps

Go global with a world map feature. Choose an artistic design guests can interact with and show off past travels. We love this wooden design by Igor Fostenko, handmade with three layers of eco-friendly wood. Available in a variety of colours, the map also comes with a wooden compass, boats and aeroplanes.

7. Ping pong table desks

It is now very common for offices to have a ping pong table – so why not stand out from the crowd and double the table up as a workspace (and save valuable room for post-meeting team tournaments!). Tables with removable nets are best and can be stored away with the bats and balls. Work hard, play hard.

Die Digitalwerkstatt Forchheim creative room

8. Blackboard walls

These are on-trend alternatives for those who can’t decide on just one design. Plain walls can be transformed with a lick of blackboard paint and some imagination, creating inspiring murals in your space. Or, let the guests decide and post their creations with a hashtag. The Evernote office, designed by Studio O+A, has a giant statement blackboard in their lobby, at the centre of the space, promoting ‘relaxed productivity.’


9. Selfie walls

Dedicate an area of the space, for example a beautiful wallpaper backdrop or a striking mural, which guests can engage with (take selfies in front of!). The best photo-friendly zones are flooded with natural light, with a playful and artsy design. A modern take on photo cutout boards found at the seaside and amusement parks, designs that guests can become part of, like the classic angel wings design below, are always popular.

10. Match your furniture

Perfect in front of bright white walls, matching furniture and appliance colours makes the room pop, whilst still looking clean and organised in social media posts. Choose a colour that reflects your space’s energy, for example blue for calm and focused, yellow for creative etc. We love Not Your Kids creative agency’s bursts of pink in their picture perfect coffee corner.

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