7 Small Meeting Rooms in NYC

For successful meetings, the saying too many cooks spoil the broth certainly rings true. By streamlining attendee numbers down to only the key decision makers, discussion can move on faster and more results can be achieved. Here are some of our top small meeting rooms in New York, which prove that for meeting spaces, it’s about quality, not quantity.

  1. Meeting Room Madison, Koreatown

This small meeting room in NYC is a sophisticated and peaceful haven inside a larger coworking space. Get inspired by the friendly and motivating environment of young entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers working outside of this small NYC meeting space. Not only is the space small yet mighty: Koreatown itself is only a few blocks in size, but packs in a lot of Asian culture, from Korean Barbeque and dessert shops to karaoke bookstores.

2. Rough Draft, Williamsburg

This cool and casual meeting room in NYC is small enough to have intimate conversations, but with enough space to get your creative juices flowing. The punchy colours and cosy decor, including the bright armchairs, wooden bookcases and vibrant world map, create the perfect atmosphere for brainstorming sessions and motivating off-site meetings.

3. 60 Broad Street, Financial District

This professional and small meeting space in NYC is a stone’s throw away from the Big Apple’s financial hub, Wall Street. Perfect for those who would like a change of scenery but want to keep it corporate, this classy room can fit up to 8 people. The facilities outside of this small NYC meeting room are equally as impressive as the inside: 60 Broad Street includes a stylish kitchen with a large island breakfast bar and a fridge well-stocked with snacks to fuel your day of meetings.

4. 55 Broadway, Financial District

Seating up to four people, this small meeting room in NYC is beautifully bright, with the minimalist interior providing a blank canvas for your ideas. Situated at the Bowling Green end of Broadway, this small meeting space in New York is within walking distance from Battery Park, which is the perfect spot for a refreshing break. Impress your attendees with the glorious view over Upper Bay and the iconic Statue of Liberty.

5. Cubico, Soho

Winner of our Most Popular Award 2020, this small meeting space in NYC is sleek and stylish. The large floor to ceiling windows not only soak the room in natural sunlight, but also provide excellent views over Broadway, a buzzing street turned district home to America’s finest theatre, and the thriving Howard St. Our favourite part of the space is its interactivity. The Dry Erase equipment allows guests to write on not only the walls, but also the table.

6. Colab-Factory, Downtown Brooklyn

This small meeting room in New York’s hipster hub, Brooklyn, matches the eclectic neighbourhood’s vibe. With seating available for up to 8 people, this space’s colour scheme creates the ideal atmosphere for a productive environment. The blue hues shape an energising and focused mood in this small NYC meeting space, encouraging guests to get their creative juices flowing.

7. Village One, Soho

The industrial chic style of this small meeting space in NYC was designed to promote individuality and artistic expression. The stunning window pane inspired glass doors also are equipped with blinds, giving guests the option to be totally immersed in their secluded meeting room, or to be part of the productive coworking environment outside.

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