Spacebase Awards – The Victory Lap

Back in November, we announced the winners of the Spacebase Awards of Excellence 2020. The awards celebrate our space providers all over the world, whose continuous hard work and outstanding spaces help us to change the way you meet.

So what does it take to become one of our most successful and acclaimed spaces? We have gone behind the scenes of two of our award winning spaces in Berlin, to discover what extra details bring a space from a nine to a ten. 

Our first stop was to the Event space @bitcrowd. Making its debut in 2019, this space in the heart of Kreuzberg earned our Newcomers Award. With one main event space and two smaller meeting rooms, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, this multifunctional space has been extremely popular with our bookers over the past year.

Event space @bitcrowd

The space blends the classic features of minimalist workplace style with some more characterful elements. The space’s neutral and calming colour palette is illuminated by warm LED lights running around the edge of the charcoal grey flooring and the pops of green from the selection of plants. 

“We did the design of the space ourselves,” says Daniela Knöpfle, Event Manager at bitcrowd.  “We used our own ideas, some of our own belongings – to give a warm, friendly effect.” Some of these belongings are the bright and retro toys from the CEO of bitcrowd’s own collection, sitting proud on some soft cream cube shelves. 

bitcrowd’s retro toy collection

bitcrowd’s large space with a simple (yet effective!) design is completely versatile and welcomes all different kinds of bookers: from social media events and workshops to seminar groups and brainstorming sessions.

The cherry on the cake of this space is its hassle-free and speedy booking. The event space @bitcrowd uses our calendar function, which not only benefits bookers by clearly showing the availability, but the space provider itself. “Having the calendar function linked to the booking platform is very practical,” shares Daniela. As bitcrowd runs their own office alongside the event space, practicality is key. “But it is actually very simple because of platforms like Spacebase!”

The next stop on our award winners tour was at Kiez Büro, a coworking space a stone’s throw from the Mall of Berlin, who picked up one of our Customer Choice Awards. This category was judged on the amount of consistently positive feedback the space received over the year – and it’s easy to see why Kiez Büro excelled. 

Kiez Büro’s meeting room

The core of Kiez Büro’s design is the user. And with as wide a target group as theirs, the space had to suit all types of bookers, from NGOs to young startups. The final product is a classic office space style, but with the basics and extra amenities perfected down to a T. “It is very clean and we make sure the acoustics and lighting create the right atmosphere to work in,” Laura König from Kiez Büro tells us. As well as the inhouse kitchen, fully stocked with sweet snacks and healthy drinks, there is a quiet and secluded chill-out zone looking out over a green space (which is unsurprisingly the most sought after spot in the summer months). 

Kiez Büro’s user-orientated approach goes far beyond the right deskspace, which is what makes this coworking space so special. Every user is greeted personally with a warm welcome and a cheerful chat by Laura and the Kiez Büro team before getting down to work. This neighbourly mood is one of the reasons bookers keep coming back for more. “There are a lot of familiar faces,” says Laura, “we get some great feedback.”

Thanks again to bitcrowd and Kiez Büro for showing us around their spaces! Both can be booked in a few clicks online at

bitcrowd’s Newcomers Award

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