Cheap Event Spaces in NYC

New York City is a trendsetter for arts, fashion, food, and everything in between. It is home to hundreds of attractions including the bustling Times Square, many Broadway theatres and the impressive Empire State Building – why not add your event to the list? We have put together a quick list of our favourite cheap event spaces in New York to inspire your empire state of mind. 

Under $150 per hour

For an affordable event space in New York, this space is superb. Boasting both front and back bars serving delicious cocktails, as well as a stage and lounge area, your guests are sure to be impressed with the elegance and sophistication in this space. This cheap party venue in NYC can host a wide range of classy events, from 1920s themed nights to live jazz evenings.

Exposed brick walls, a wall of guitars and even a disco ball – this cheap event space in New York has got it all. Located in a relaxed neighbourhood in Brooklyn, which attracts concert goers and sport fans alike with its Barclay’s Center arena, the cheap NYC venue is popular with chefs, musicians and comedians.

Under $200 per hour

This cheap event space in New York is a bright white and spacious gallery, with three loosely divided rooms to host a variety of events. Not only do we love this affordable NYC event space’s name, meaning the Sculptor’s Chisel, but the artsy neighbourhood it lies in. In Chelsea’s former factories there are over 200 art galleries to discover, making this area of Manhattan known as the centre of contemporary art in New York.

La Pittura Studio is a beautiful storefront location and is the perfect cheap NYC venue for your event. By day this beaming space is a top-rated painting studio, and by night these paintings adorn the walls and bring the studio to life. Located on a busy Midtown Manhattan street, a great aspect of this affordable venue  in New York is that it gets an amazing amount of foot traffic all year round.

Under $250 per hour

Nestled on Canal Street in Chinatown is the stunning private dining loft Lee’s on Canal. With space for up to 120 guests, this affordable event space in New York has gorgeous shabby-chic wooden features, creating a cosy and intimate dining experience. Also included in the space is a fully equipped kitchen with family-style dinner service, or guests have the option to invite their own chef.

This cheap venue in New York is a stylish refurbished loft in the hipster hub of Brooklyn. This rustic warehouse with exposed brick walls and a large private rooftop is a unique venue for large events, from wedding receptions to corporate parties. The twinkling fairy lights across the ceiling beams give this cheap party venue in NYC a magical atmosphere for an unforgettable event.

Free Event Spaces in NYC

  • Central Park, Manhattan

New York’s largest green space, which attracts approximately 38 million visitors each year, is one of the most filmed locations in the world. Central Park’s lush trees and picturesque lake are the perfect backdrop for a stunning free event space in NYC. A wedding in the romantic Shakespeare Gardens, a workshop at the historic Belvedere Plaza or a party with views over the park from Summit Rock; Central Park is an iconic free event space in New York.

  • Highline, Manhattan

This unusual public park is becoming one of New York’s trendiest attractions. Built on an abandoned elevated railway line, which was voted to be saved from demolition by locals, this free space in New York is lined with sustainable gardens and unique features to explore. Common events on the Highline include: fashion shows in Chelsea Market Passage, performances in the 10th Av Square & Overlook, and corporate dinners at the Spur, a dedicated site for monumental artwork.

Haven’t found the perfect venue for your event or party? Use our venue search to compare thousands more affordable and free event spaces in New York.