Spacebase Awards for Excellence 2020 – the results!

Something we know all about here at Spacebase is that success is shared

It’s at the heart of what we do – helping you have better, more inspiring meetings by offering unforgettable locations to meet in, with all the extra services and support you need. 

So today, we give our hard-working and most trusted space providers their share of recognition – with the Spacebase Awards for Excellence 2020! 

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to offer a huge thank you to all our space providers this year. Our continued growth and our vision for the future of meetings would not be possible without you. This is our way of appreciating the people who help us make our mission a reality, day in, day out, all over the world.

From our thousands of stellar offerings, some spaces have shone extra bright this year. It was no easy task to pick them out but with input from our bookers, we’re thrilled to present our final list of winners.

So take a look – and discover our most stunning, successful spaces where you are. Which have you already booked, and which are already inspiring your next meeting?

Drumroll please… here are 2020’s most excellent!

Most Popular (by city)

These are the most in-demand spaces in some of our favourite cities. With this many bookings, they must be doing something right! We recommend you book them before the queue gets too long. 

Most Popular Award: Amsterdam – Bloomroom Amsterdam

Most Popular Award: Amsterdam – Christopher Columbus

Bloomroom in Amsterdam

Most Popular Award: Barcelona – Private Loft for Events

Most Popular Award: Barcelona – Sheltair Barcelona

Sheltair in Barcelona

Most Popular Award: Berlin – Designerei

Most Popular Award: Berlin – Liane

Most Popular Award: Berlin – Riverside Hotel

Most Popular Award: Cologne – Flattline Loft

Most Popular Award: Cologne – Meetingroom Beethovenpark

Most Popular Award: Düsseldorf – Sky Office Düsseldorf

Most Popular Award: Düsseldorf – WorkRepublic Medienhafen

Most Popular Award: Frankfurt am Main – Collection Business Center

Most Popular Award: Frankfurt am Main – Roof Loft

The Roof Loft in Frankfurt

Most Popular Award: Hamburg – CS Business Center

Most Popular Award: Hamburg – BAZE Business Center

BAZE Business Centre Hamburg

Most Popular Award: London – Piccadilly Chambers Mayfair boardroom

Most Popular Award: London – Uncommon Borough- Meeting Room

Uncommon Borough in London

Most Popular Award: Munich – Mars Raum

Most Popular Award: Munich – Stefanie Kresse Mietstudio

Most Popular Award: New York City – Cubico Dry Erase Conference Room

Most Popular Award: Paris – Cocoon PARIS 

Most Popular Award: Paris – Cocoon PARIS 

Cocoon Paris – Pyramides

Most Popular Award: Vienna – Cowoly Coworking

Most Popular Award: Vienna – Mergus Virtual office

Customer Choice 

Our bookers are a discerning bunch and we love to have their reviews and ratings of the spaces they used. These are the spaces which consistently received the best feedback of the year.

Mmousse Church, Amsterdam

Customer Choice Award – Setting

Customer Choice Award – Kiez Büro

Customer Choice Award – The Boni

Customer Choice Award – Forschungplus

Customer Choice Award – Mmousse Church


Design Thinking (ftwk) in Berlin

Minds need inspiration and bodies need nourishment. These providers have gone beyond offering just fuel to fill the stomach. The Gourmets served up lip-smacking delicacies, which went down a treat with us and had our bookers asking for more. 

Gourmet Award – Design Thinking (ftwk)

Gourmet Award – Atelier Bergstadt

Gourmet Award – Das Studio im 2ten

Newcomer Award

Start as you mean to continue – and these new spaces have succeeded in doing just that! These are the best-performing spaces which had their Spacebase debut in 2019.

White Room in Stuttgart

Newcomer Award – Agile Offices Frankfurt

Newcomer Award – IWM White Room

Newcomer Award – Solana Room

Newcomer Award – Event space @bitcrowd

Newcomer Award – Office Lodges

Eyecatcher Award

Sweet Space in New York City

What makes a space eye catching? Hard to say – but it’s more than just lighting, colour scheme or furniture. These elements also play a role but our Eyecatchers manifest some other quality we can’t quite put our finger on – and which takes our breath away. Take a look for yourselves!

Eyecatcher Award – Keeze

Eyecatcher Award – The Green Penthouse

Eyecatcher Award – Bond collective

Eyecatcher Award – Sweet Space


Metabolic Lab in Amsterdam

We couldn’t resist reserving a special mention for Metabolic Lab – in recognition of an outstanding commitment to sustainability through innovative technological solutions. Putting your values into action in this way is an example to all of us.

Eco Spotlight Award – Metabolic Lab

Congratulations again to all our winners!

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