Think big! 6 large venues for safe meetings and social distance events

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Social distancing at work is at the front of our minds at the moment – no handshakes, no sharing desks, wearing masks as we move around. It feels good to respect the health and safety rules, but also different from how we used to behave in our pre-COVID workplace.

Health and safety in meetings

When it comes to planning meetings and events, keeping your participants safe, healthy and happy should be your number one priority. COVID-19 social distancing rules call for an extra level of preparation.

We have already shared advice about safe meeting room layouts. These are designed to help you set up a meeting room so people don’t sit too close together.

Remember, we recommend your guests should sit at a minimum of 1,5 metres (though this may vary where you are – be sure to check the latest national recommendations for your area). 

Big spaces = extra room for social distancing

As well as layout, you should also think about the size of the room itself. The bigger, the better!

Maybe the meeting rooms in your permanent office are too small for safe meetings. Maybe your team is in home office and, after months apart, you’d like to ditch the Zoom call and get them together in real life. Or your event has a large audience and you are concerned you cannot fit everyone into a safe space.

Whatever the situation, the more space you have free in the meeting room, the more guests you can invite and keep to social distancing workplace rules. Guests will also feel more comfortable and relaxed, knowing you have provided them with a COVID-safe meeting location.

Spacebase picks

Fortunately, we have a portfolio that is sparkling with big, beautiful venues. You can be adapt them to suit your next workshop, team meeting or business event. So take a tour with us and get inspired by our international pick of spaces.

Munich – Isertal Studio

The big and bright Isartalstudio is in the fashionable Glockenbachviertel of Munich. The venue is accessed through a quiet inner courtyard, where oak panel floor and huge windows make for a beautiful space that can be adapted to any kind of event. Plenty of room to customise and let your guests meet risk-free.

  • Floorspace 320 sqm
  • safe space for 30 pax

Paris – WOOM La Garden House

If you need even more space for your event, beyond the three floors already on offer at La Garden House, you also have access to a gorgeous green garden area. This is perfect for adding an outdoor element to your event while enjoying all the advantages of the chic Paris city centre. 

  • Ground floor 120sqm + garden 300 sqm
  • Safe space for 30 pax

London – Cambridge House

Inside a protected Georgian brick building in Southwark, this modern venue has enough area to accommodate work events, all with a twist of classic London style. Unique wooden furniture in this meeting room are part of the charm, whether you are planning a board meeting or brainstorming session, while the rest of the venue has breakout spaces and conference facilities.

  • Floorspace 424 sqm
  • Safe space for 42 pax

Lyon – Port Rambaud

Down by the river Rhone, you can find the lovely Port Rambaud venue which boasts all the facilities you might need for social distancing training or work events.  The historic building used to be the harbour master’s office but now gives views over the water and an elegant space for daytime or nighttime events.

  • Floorspace 400 sqm
  • Safe space for 40 pax

NYC – AG Studios

The Tribeca neighbourhood of Lower Manhattan is one of the city’s most fashionable, with galleries, restaurants, and bars galore. Overhead, in a stunning loft space, you can also find the AG Studios. With striking contrast of black hardwood floors and white interior, this spacious venue is filled with natural light, for sophisticated social distancing.

  • Floorspace 500 sqm
  • Safe space for 50 pax

Hamburg – Gaga Club

In Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli neighbourhood, check out Gaga Club – where you can marvel at the glittering interior or head out onto the spacious terrace area for a glorious view over the city. This is an enchanting event location for upmarket, elegant business events that will wow your guests at the same time as keeping them safe with plenty of room to move around in.

  • Floorspace 450 sqm
  • Safe space for 45 pax

Good luck with your event – remember, you can filter your results on Spacebase by choosing the number of maximum participants you are planning for.