Boost your meeting room bookings – 15 top tips

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At Spacebase we believe that for every booker, there is a meeting space which is just right for them – and you can be that space!

With many venues quiet during the lockdown, this can be a chance to refresh your space and think about how to optimise your profile – and get more bookings from customers who need your meeting facilities. Invest a bit of time and energy and your efforts will be worth it.

We asked Leonie and Pia, our dedicated Content Team, for their ideas on how you can quickly and easily get more bookings for your meeting space. Here is what they recommend!

Leonie’s big tip: customise your booking rules

„This is often overlooked but it’s a very helpful way to manage your bookings. It’s really simple to do and customising your booking rules gives you more control over the auto-confirm option.“

„For example, you can choose exactly how much time you need in between two bookings, so you can clean the meeting space and set it up for the next customer. Or you can decide what is the maximum number of days in advance you accept auto-confirm bookings – this lets you decide if you take ‚last-minute‘ requests or not.“ More information here.

Pia’s big tip: maximise your space’s activity types

„Choose which activity types your space is good for, so customers can get some inspiration. Include as many options as you can to show the flexibility of your meeting venue: from town hall meetings, to product launches, networking events, or press conferences.“

„At the same time, be careful when you are choosing a space type for your profile. You should pick only one option for the main ‚Type‘ (for example: meeting room) and then three different options as ‚Additional‚ types (for example: Boardroom, Business center, Workshop). If you try to choose more than three, or if you choose the same option for main and additional types, you might get an error on your profile.“

Here are 13 more ideas for how to increase bookings for your meeting venue via your Spacebase profile.

#1 Take more (and better) photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos give a first impression of your space, so your profile should have many, high-quality photos. We can’t overstate how important it is to invest time and effort in this, and you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer to really stand out. After all, there’s no point having a great interior or amazing view if the photos are dark or pixellated.

As a minimum, upload at least 5 photos in high resolution (1400×900), making sure to show different angles of the space, different set-ups. Extra tips: show the bathroom, the street outside, yourself, or other people using the meeting facilities.

#2 Include a floorplan

It might be difficult for bookers to visualise how the different parts of your space fit together in one venue. We recommend including a simple floorplan, so that potential bookers can get an overview of how much space they will be renting and have access to. This means you can also include where the bathrooms, kitchen or other amenities are. This should also include information about accessibility – does your space have steps or a lift, for example?

#3 Get COVID-safe

Nobody wants to feel like they are taking unecessary risks. Let bookers know you are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. By complying with our COVID-safe guidelines, you can activate the Safety First Badge on your profile and show customers you are being proactive against infections.

#4 Offer video conferencing

There have been huge changes to how people plan and participate in meetings – and video conferencing is more important now than ever before. Show bookers your space supports video conferencing, by selecting this option on your profile and making the necessary set-up available to use for meetings.

#5 Pick your USP

All Spacebase spaces are unique – so decide what makes your one special and tell customers all about it. You could even use it in the title of your profile, to make your meeting venue stand out from others. Does the building have an unusual history? Is the workspace flexible for all kinds of creative work? Do you have cutting-edge technology or exquisitely designed furnishings? Choose one thing to grab attention as bookers scroll.

#6 Write a clear and compact description

Plan your description carefully. If a customer is reading about your space, maybe the photos and title grabbed their attention – now they want the facts. Keep your description simple and clear. You want to give bookers as much practical information about your space as possible. Good things to include: transport, parking, interior design, atmosphere, local neighbourhood. You can find more ideas for writing a good description of your meeting space here.

#7 Be clear about extras

What is included in the price – what costs extra and how much? You should make this information easy to find and very clear, so bookers have no doubts about what they are paying for. Try to include as wide a range of possibilities as you can, so that bookers don’t have to contact you to check. The more you can offer, the more personalised and satisfying an experience your bookers will have with you.

#8 Include your opening hours

If you haven’t integrated your calendar into your profile (which is the best way to get reliable bookings), you should still make sure to include your opening hours in your profile. Otherwise clients won’t know when your space is available to book for meetings. This sounds obvious but is often overlooked.

#9 Get reviews

Nothing beats word-of-mouth and a personal recommendation. Bookers love to know if other clients have enjoyed their experiences, so encourage your bookers to leave you a review after their event. Most will be happy to do so if you ask nicely, and spaces with reviews get 25% more bookings.

#10 Use social media

Setting up a profile for your venue on social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are good starting points) is a great way to keep in contact with your bookers. If they liked the space, they will be happy to receive updates from you in the future. You can use social media to share photos and interesting articles related to your space, or get customers to share their experience and raise your profile. And don’t forget our guide to making your meeting space Instagrammable for more ideas.

# 11 Be active

Respond to your bookers as soon as you can if they have questions. Don’t make them wait or they might go somewhere else! Bookers want to know they can rely on you and that you are available to help out if they need you.

  1. Experiment

Remember, people use Spacebase for all kinds of business events, so don’t be afraid to offer your space for something unusual. You could also think about emphasising the flexibility of your meeting facilities or business event space – invest in multi-purpose or easily rearranged furniture, so people can use the space however they want.

  1. Get a Hero Badge

Still don’t have one yet? Now is a good time to take the next steps and become a Hero Space. Bookers value meeting venues which have gone the extra mile and are confirmed as being clean, efficient and reliable. Applying for a Hero Badge is the quickest way to do this, as the Hero Badge shows you follow our Spacebase best practices. Check out here for a reminder of how to get one here – and good luck for all those extra bookings!

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