The home office toolbox: tips from the Spacebase team

Working from home is now a necessity for most companies all over the world. For some, this may be business as usual, but for many the home office is uncharted territory. We are opening up the Spacebase toolbox to help those lost in the sea of remote working navigate their way.

The home office is full of tempting distractions. And even if you have all the remote working gear, keeping up productivity levels whilst working from home can be a challenge. As this marks our fifth week of WFH*, we have decided to share our best tips and tricks for staying motivated during the week. 

The key is to recreate the distinction between work and home life. Despite there being little to no physical distance between the two now (unless you are using one of our safe backup offices), the Spacebase team have some useful methods to get your body back into a productive working routine.

Leonie’s WFH setup with plenty of plants

Rebecca, Operations:

Although most of us will certainly not miss the daily commute, it is a great way to wake up and wind down, signalling to your body when to switch on and off to work. I replace the commute with a walk. One before work, one after and a quick fresh air break at lunch. It really helps my body to shift into and out of work mode. For a bit of variety, why not mix up the walks with a mindful yoga session or a 30 minute living room workout.

Sophie-Marie, Marketing Sales Manager:

Wherever you choose to work, having a clear space will clear your mind. I always begin my day with a cup of tea – so I keep a clean area at my kitchen table to start working from. It motivates me to get up in the morning and gives structure to my day, which is a plus.

Sophie-Marie enjoying her morning tea

Moritz, Marketing Analyst:

Our usual workspaces at the Spacebase Campus are bright, airy and full of plants. So I make sure my desk is always in the sunlight (and sometimes video call the team from the garden!).

Ed, Content Marketing and PR Manager:

I like to replicate the creative atmosphere in my home office. I buy fresh flowers every week, to bring in some positive biophilia.

This week’s flowers on Ed’s desk

Leonie, Operations:

Switching off ‘work mode’ is as important as switching it on, but this can be difficult when your office and home are the same place. My tip is to pack your work laptop away after you have finished for the day. I tuck mine in my drawer to signal Feierabend.*

Emma, Social Media and Marketing:

I’m now working from the UK, so what motivates me are our Friday beers. We virtually meet at the end of the week, as usual, to have a beer together. I think staying connected in these challenging times, with colleagues as well as friends and family, is a great way to keep up spirits.

*working from home

*Feierabend is German for the end of the working day

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