Find your office away from home office, with Spacebase

It has always been our mission to provide the most inspiring and unique meeting spaces – and now, more than ever, we want to support businesses and extend this support further. Spacebase is now offering backup offices in a number of cities across Europe.

We have recognised that during a constantly changing and updating crisis such as this, flexibility is a necessity. Our backup offices are fully-equipped safe spaces for those who can’t always work from home and need an extra workplace option. They allow teams to enjoy some focused work together, without the risk of shared offices and home office distractions.

Seminar Room 1 at the Spacebase Campus

Health and safety is, of course, a priority for us at Spacebase and each space has strict safety regulations to follow. First and foremost, the spaces are deep cleaned and disinfected daily after each use and are equipped with hand sanitiser and tissues.

The spaces are large enough for desks to sit 2+ metres apart. Some decisions need to be made in person, with your team around you – in our backup offices you can maintain social distancing procedures without compromising your productivity.

Each backup office is reserved by whole teams to limit social interaction and make the space their own. Desks can be rearranged according to the size and needs of the team and all spaces have high-speed WiFi connections and video conferencing equipment, creating an ideal private workplace to take a break from the home office.

The Focus Room at the Spacebase Campus

The Spacebase backup offices are a flexible and safe solution for businesses who need to meet in person during the COVID-19 crisis. For prices and availability, call our team on +49 309 599 920 30 or reach out via email:

Stay happy and healthy, from all of us at Spacebase.

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