Spacebase and Deskbookers join forces

Dear Spacebase community,

I’d like to share exciting news. We’re taking another step forward as a company and joining forces with Dutch booking platform, Deskbookers.

Our whole community has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. Back in February, when we made the agreement with Deskbookers, we had no way of knowing about the challenges that lay ahead.

Now, the world is a different place. COVID-19 forced us to make difficult choices on all ends, and it’s with your understanding and cooperation that we’re getting back on track. So thank you for sticking with us. We are truly grateful to be able to weather this storm together with an even stronger foundation.

Deskbookers shares our commitment to making it quick and easy to book venues online. Their Amsterdam team has tech expertise, local knowledge of the Dutch market, and excellent customer care. We also share a drive to develop new ways to service the needs of businesses, big and small, for flexible meeting room, event and workspace solutions.

Our new deal with Deskbookers means we’re extending our services, widening our portfolio, and developing our ability to respond to what customers need. 

For space providers – it means more bookings. By combining forces, we can boost our firepower and drive up traffic, to get you more bookings for your space. 

For bookers – it means more spaces to choose from. We’ll add more variety to our portfolio and we’ll keep on refining what we can offer you for your next meeting or event.

I believe good things happen when people get together. Gaining a new partner means we can share our experiences, integrate our innovations, pool our resources – and together, we get even better at changing the way you meet. 

I hope you are as excited about this next step as we are. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


Julian, CEO and Co-founder of Spacebase