The home office toolbox: top instant messaging apps

Working from home is now a necessity for most companies all over the world. For some, this may be business as usual, but for many the home office is uncharted territory. We are opening up the Spacebase toolbox to help those lost in the sea of remote working navigate their way.

Next on the list are instant messaging apps. The move to the home office means we can no longer rely on emailing alone. With inundated inboxes and no chance for ‘water cooler chats’, the need for instant messaging to keep companies connected with their teams has skyrocketed. These are some of the best instant messaging apps for business around.

  1. Slack

Slack, the instant messaging giant, has direct chat options, as well as dedicated channels to organise different teams and specific projects. One of Slack’s main aims is to bring even more focus to workplace communication: users can ‘star’ selected channels to prioritise tasks. Alongside the videoconferencing and WiFi calling features, Slack can also be integrated with other telecommunication apps and used with external clients and partners for a smoother transition to remote working.

From €6.25 per person per month

2. Crugo

Crugo is the one-stop-shop for team organisation and collaboration. Users can manage shared calendar schedules, plan events and message in real time with its clear and colourful design. Crugo can also work as a project manager, with features to set deadlines, monitor progress and create reminders for tasks

Free basic package

3. Basecamp

Basecamp was built by remote workers, for remote workers. Based around a central dashboard, all the information for a department or a project is stored in one place, reachable by users all over the world. There are a variety of messaging functions: a message board containing tips and announcements, a group chat and automatic check ins for status updates.

$99 per month

4. Spike

Spike turns the average inbox into a more conversational platform, with added chat functions and videoconferencing technology. By bringing collaboration and messaging tools to one inbox, Spike removes the need for separate logins or links, unlike other instant messaging apps. A stand out feature is the document preview, allowing users to view shared files without downloading them, keeping all message contents completely visible.

$5.99 per account per month

5. Jandi

For digital teamwork with seamless workflows, Jandi is the answer. On Jandi’s secure network (all files and documents are instantly encrypted) different chat rooms can be created for each project, location and group. Gone are the days of files being lost in the depths of inboxes: with Jandi’s search feature, users only need a keyword, date, file type to access documents from anywhere and anytime.

Free basic package

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