An update from Spacebase: facing coronavirus

It’s quiet just now at the Spacebase Campus.

We’re missing the usual sound of keyboards and phonecalls, the people making coffee and jokes in the kitchen.

But we want you to know – we’re still here for you!

These are tough times for businesses, above all for us in the events and MICE industry. While the crisis brings disruption to most aspects of life, we keep on doing what we have always done best. It’s our mission to change how people meet – and while current conditions mean we cannot go about this as usual, we’re still here.

Our own spaces in the Campus are still open for bookings – though with a limit on two attendants, apart from in our large event space where people can sit at a distance of 1.5m.

Our bright, talented team are working from home. Even under quarantine, our brains are fizzing with ideas for how to fight the effects of this pandemic.

We decided on two things:

  1. This will be hard.
  2. This will pass.

Together, we have the resilience and creativity to weather the storm, here in Berlin and across our network of exceptional partners. 

Q. Can I still have a meeting during lockdown?

Monitor the situation where you are and follow official government guidelines. 

The situation continues to change quickly and varies from country to country. As it stands in the EU, most major cities have measures in place to ban large events and many non-essential businesses are required to shut, with people working from home where possible. Social contact should be kept to a minimum. 

This means there may be a legal requirement to close meeting venues for now, or restrictions on how many people can meet together. It’s important stay informed and follow these laws for the safety of others as well as your own.

If it’s permitted to hold a meeting, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • keep attendance to a minimum
  • maintain distance from each other (at least 1,5 m)
  • wash your hands before and after
  • postpone if anyone has symptoms or has been in contact with an infected person

If in doubt, the safest thing to do might be to reschedule your meeting to a later date or organise a video call. Neither options are ideal but safety must come first.

Q. What is Spacebase doing?

We’re working to support our bookers. Flexibility is key in times of uncertainty, and thousands of our spaces offer the option to cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance and still get a full refund. We’re happy to advise on which spaces offer this and are open – contact us directly for personalised support. 

We’re also encouraging bookers to begin planning your future events with us. Once quarantine measures are lifted, our spaces will quickly be fully booked – so better to reserve yours sooner rather than later! To help, you can expect inspiration from us for your first post-lockdown meeting and tips on how to make it a success that brings people back together.

If you’re currently working from home, we’ll also be offering tips for how to stay connected and productive under lockdown.

We’re working to support our space providers. While the going might be slow for now, we’re already putting ideas together for the post-corona spring, and we want to help you get your spaces ready for the peak in demand.

It’s never too early – and this could be the perfect time to refresh your space and ensure your profile is looking its best. We’ll be sharing some of ideas for how to do this and attract more bookings in the coming weeks. 

We’re Spacebase and, together with our space providers and our bookers, we’re not going anywhere.