The Spacebase 2019 Closer

We’re fast approaching the end of the year, and closing 2019 means taking a moment to sit back and think about all the exciting things that have been going on at Spacebase. 

Our list of highlights is long – 2019 was jam-packed with new developments. Through long-term plans coming to fruition, bursts of inspiration, laughs and hard work, we learned a lot and grew a lot too.

For a full overview, including our CEO Julian’s take on the year, take a closer look at our 2019 Closer. It sets out the steps we’re proudest of having taken this year and offers our vision not just for closing 2019 – but also opening up 2020.

On top of the Closer, we’re also excited to share some extra 2019 highlights from the Spacebase team. Read on for the view from some different departments.

  • Adriana, Operations Manager 

It was fun moving into our new premises at the Spacebase Campus. We did a lot of planning for how to set up the meeting rooms and event space, and I think we did a good job of making it bright and inspiring. Clients often comment on the space being a natural canvas for ideas. In the last six months we got better at managing the spaces on a daily basis, and the feedback we get at reception has been positive. It makes me happy to see guests making themselves at home in the Campus. They help themselves to coffee and know in which drawer to look for spoons. It’s their space too, even if they’re only here for a one-hour meeting.

  • Johannes, COO

The new features on the Spacebase platform are really exciting for us – to have such a strong uptake for our Auto-Confirm makes me very happy. More and more costumers are getting instant confirmation on their bookings, which makes using Spacebase to book meeting rooms even faster and more flexible. I’m also very proud of the operations team. The service they offer bookers and space providers gets better and better.

  • Bianca, Accounts

This year we upgraded a lot of the software we’re using. It means more of our processes are automated, so we can handle more payments, even faster, and invoicing is simplified for us and for clients. I’m really glad about that. It puts us in a good position to scale up and handle bigger volumes as we grow next year.

  • Emma, Social Media and Marketing

As the newest person on the team, I’m thrilled to have joined Spacebase when there is so much going on! We’ve already been busy getting the word out about Fireside Chat events and the Innovation Sessions podcast, which we organise with our partners at ZEUS Event Tech. I’m looking forward to developing new content and campaigns in 2020, and building up connections with new media channels to deliver our message across. 

So many people are involved in realising our mission, from the team in our offices to our partners at ZEUS EventTech, to our space providers and our bookers around the world. Thank you to everyone has helped us to make 2019 such a success!

Looking back inevitably means looking forward too. So what’s coming in 2020? We’ll be back with more big news next year.

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