From meeting room to Hero Space: meet the providers

Marcus and Isabella’s space is a little slice of nature in the middle of the big city. The pair are heavily inspired by the great outdoors, and feel strongly that even those living in a booming metropolis like Berlin should be able to reap the psychological and creative benefits of being surrounded by nature.

Interior design is an important form of self-expression for the pair, and being a space provider with Spacebase has been a new experience that has motivated Marcus and Isabella to develop their practice further.

We love Marcus and Isabella’s meeting space, so we recently awarded them with a Hero Badge. Hero Badges are exclusively reserved for spaces with the best reviews and fastest response times. Because of the Hero Badge, bookers can instantly recognise which spaces offer an exceptional level of service. It saves time for the bookers, and means space providers like Marcus and Isabella get the recognition they deserve. We caught up with Marcus to ask about his shiny new Hero Badge, and to hear some of his thoughts about being a space provider.

What does being a space provider mean to you?

‘It’s a way to express ourselves. [The plants] just change the way you feel. When you have more green around you, it somehow makes you really happy. Before booking the space, we ask that people visit for a minimum of half an hour because we find it’s always better being inside the space.’

What are your thoughts on working with Spacebase?

‘We are really happy with Spacebase. Every time we need to ask something, which is quite rare actually, we just write it in the chat. The direct booking is also really good. Sometimes when we get lots of requests the requested dates begin to cross, so it’s good for me to get an answer fast. Communication should always be instant; like what time, what date, etc, so the direct booking is really great.’

What are some of the benefits that have come with receiving the Hero Badge in February?

‘March was pretty well booked. I’m not sure when exactly the Hero Badge went on our space, but we got more bookings. It could also be a matter of timing as well, it’s spring in Berlin at the moment and everyone is motivated with new projects. There’s this kind of positive energy because of the nice weather – everybody’s outside and it’s like 90 degrees celsius, and people are in a good mood and want to do something. But I think it could be the Hero Badge too and having direct booking.’

But what’s next for their space? ‘Maybe even more plants’ he laughs.

For more information on Hero Spaces and how to be considered for a Hero Badge, click here.

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