How to make your office spring ready

Lighter days, shorter nights and an impulsive urge to clean means spring is finally upon us.

At Spacebase we’ve been brainstorming how workplaces can harness this new, positive energy to maximise productivity.

First of all, light regulates our bodies biorhythms naturally. This means when we are exposed to more light we develop better sleep cycles, our mood improves and we get sick less. So, sit back and relax. The arrival of spring immediately means well rested, happier colleagues who take less sick days. Yay!

Here are three great ways you can channel the essence of spring into your office:

  1. Inject nature into your space by swapping out those pesky, plastic plants for real, seasonal flowers. There are even some services that will deliver beautiful flowers straight from the market to your door.

  2. Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Keep both your team and their ideas fresh by switching up the office routine. Does your workplace usually have an afternoon catch up? Why not try a morning meeting instead? New meeting arrangements have been proven to push us out of our comfort zone because they present our brain with new stimuli and sharpens our reactions.

  3. In school, the first day of spring was always commemorated with Easter egg painting. Get creative! Remotivate your team with a playful team building exercise or organise an office lunch. Here at Spacebase, we’ve decided to celebrate the Equinox with a barbecue. Fire up the grill!

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