Top 5 workshop spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city of winding canals and vibrant tulip blooms, has long been a haven for artists and visionaries. In the heart of this cultural tapestry lies a treasure trove of creative workshop spaces, where inspiration dances freely and innovation knows no bounds. Whether you’re a seasoned creator, a group of creative minds or simply someone seeking the perfect space for your next corporate meeting, Amsterdam’s creative workshop spaces are beckoning you to let your ideas run wild.


RD MADE, an oasis of boundless potential, embraces a philosophy that recognizes the self-imposed limitations hindering human progress. Committed to creating an environment that empowers every individual stepping through its doors, RD MADE invites guests to transcend their perceived boundaries and achieve their aspirations. The mission is clear – to cultivate a space fostering nourishment, fulfillment, celebration, and joy. RD MADE believes in building an inclusive community where people contribute, learn, and grow together. Prioritizing the unique needs of each individual or client, the venue enables them to become the best version of themselves. Passionate about creating opportunities for personal and professional development, the venue offers a range of resources, amenities, and support to propel individuals to the next level of their desired growth. Whether seeking inspiration, collaboration, a venue for workshops or events, or a dedicated workspace, RD MADE stands as a catalyst for personal and professional advancement.

The multifunctional spaces at are designed for productivity and events, featuring a spacious loft and atelier perfect for corporate or birthday parties. Tailor the spaces to event wishes, whether it’s a professional meeting, a workshop in a homely setting, or a complete company outing with creative and inspiring training sessions. Afterward, indulge in a dinner and celebration, complete with a DJ or live music performance. Whether it’s a private dinner with friends or a corporate gathering, the versatile spaces at RD MADE can accommodate up to 50 people inside or outside, offering a delightful culinary experience with Surinam, Indian, or French cuisine.

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The Playing Circle

In the enchanting realm of cities, where creativity springs to life and innovation takes its first breath, The Playing Circle emerges as a curator of inspiring spaces in an urban haven. These meticulously crafted venues are fully furnished and equipped, defining a new standard in meeting spaces. Their meeting rooms exude a warm, homely ambiance, breaking down barriers and shaping an environment where creative thinking flourishes. With offerings ranging from a historic atelier to a city theater, The Playing Circle emphasizes the significance of the extraordinary in shaping the surroundings. They specialize in creating ideal conditions for serene gatherings, brainstorming sessions, or presentations.

With a network of trusted caterers, suppliers, and staff, they ensure every detail is meticulously arranged, allowing attendees to comfortably step outside their comfort zones and focus on the event’s objectives. The Playing Circle distinguishes itself through a blend of unique locations, extensive services, and high-quality professional support, capable of handling all logistical aspects if desired. From brainstorming in an old atelier to meetings in a former theater along the Singel, The Playing Circle caters to every gathering’s unique needs, promising maximum results.

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De Steek

Situated in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, DE STEEK is not just a workshop space; it’s a dynamic hub of creativity and sustainability. Established in January 2019 by Dutch sustainable fashion designer Natalie de Koning, DE STEEK originally began as a Sewing Cafe, sustainable fabric store, and studio for fashion and textile workshops. With almost a decade of experience in teaching sewing and textile techniques, Natalie envisioned the venue as a space to inspire a wider audience, resulting in a multifaceted haven for makers. Beyond its small shop offering natural, organic, and fairtrade fabrics, a Sewing Cafe for lessons and workspaces, and a dedicated workshop room with a vibrant weekly program, DE STEEK opens its doors to creatives of all kinds.

This versatile space is not only a sanctuary for fashion enthusiasts but is also rentable as a workshop space for diverse creative and corporate gatherings. DE STEEK’s mission is to make clothing making, repairing, and textile crafting accessible to everyone in Amsterdam, fostering a community that transcends boundaries and inspires sustainable choices. In pursuit of a vision that redefines the fast fashion industry, DE STEEK encourages individuals of all genders, cultures, and sizes to engage in the empowering act of creating within a conscientious and inclusive environment.

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MMousse’s Canal House

Introducing MMousse’s Canal House, a high-industrial space that swiftly transforms into your own creative living room, nestled alongside one of Amsterdam’s most picturesque canals. This is where MMousse’s journey began in 2011, centrally located just around the corner from the central station and next to the Nieuwmarkt metro stop. The characterful, flexible space boasts a lofty ceiling, an expansive multifunctional table that effortlessly converts into separate parts, and a swing that guarantees smiles from guests. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic center, this oasis is bathed in greenery, light, and air, with a personalized touch and creative energy that adapts the space to your desires.

MMousse invites you to shape this urban sanctuary to your liking, ensuring it becomes your space. With attention to detail and a commitment to creative adaptation, we collaborate to tailor the space to your event or meeting needs, offering the best solutions for a unique and inspiring experience. One space, many possibilities, centrally located in the peaceful Nieuwmarkt neighborhood, just around the corner from the central station.

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Tonnie and Co.

Nestled in two historic buildings along the same charming street, Tonnie & Co. presents a collection of inspiring spaces that exude a homely warmth, inviting you to meet as if you were in the comfort of your own home – whether alone or with a group, for an hour, a full day, or even an extended stay, including evenings and weekends. Situated in the vibrant ‚Rivierenbuurt‘ in the south of Amsterdam, Tonnie & Co. offers nine distinct spaces for rent, tailored for meetings, workshops, training sessions, consultations, or private office work. This tranquil and luminous oasis in the heart of bustling Amsterdam provides the convenience of the city at your fingertips while maintaining a serene ambiance, complete with a garden and easy accessibility.

Each room radiates a cozy atmosphere and comes fully equipped with a professional meeting kit, delectable coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks. With flexible setups, including smaller break-out options, the location is an ideal locale for creative team days. Moreover, Tonnie & Co. offers a unique touch with everything being available for sale, from handmade gifts to the entire pre-loved interior, ensuring a distinctive and memorable experience. With parking facilities and excellent public transportation access, the venue provides a seamless blend of comfort and functionality, always overseen by the welcoming presence of Tonnie, your dedicated contact and host.

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