7 Creative and Unique Event Spaces NYC

Just looking at New York City’s dazzling skyline is enough to get your creative juices flowing and spark your imagination. We’ve rounded up 7 creative and unique event spaces in top locations in NYC that are sure to leave your attendees feeling just that (and more!).

  1. The Love Shack, Brooklyn

This unique event venue lies in the heart of Brooklyn, a hub for New York’s hipster style. Dressed to the nines with elegant details, the bounteous Love Shack stands out from the crowd – the romantic decor and exquisitely restored antiques create the perfect vintage vibe for any event. Our highlight is the magical wall of mismatched mirrors, bringing shabby chic to a new level.

2. Studio Workspace, Chelsea

This spacious and industrial space with pops of bright artwork is a stunning example of a unique event venue in New York. The bigger areas can be transformed for creative photo shoots and luxurious dinners, whilst the smaller nooks serve as intimate office spaces. The location of this extraordinary space is an art-lover’s dream. Set in Chelsea, the centre of New York’s art scene, it shares a building with dozens of other galleries. It doesn’t stop there: just across the street are the Chelsea Piers and an entrance to the High Line park.

3. Bohemian National Hall, Roosevelt Island

For classy and elegant events, the Grand Ballroom is the answer. Built in 1896, this Renaissance Revival style building was previously a social hall for the city’s immigrant ethnic communities, and has been an important center for Czech and Slovak culture ever since. This large and beautiful creative space in Lenox Hill, New York, can host a number of incredible events, from concerts to panel discussions. The unique New York event space also comes with a movable partition wall to create two smaller rooms, adding to its versatility.

4. Green Fig, Hell’s Kitchen

This next unique NYC venue is perfect for summer parties and events: it is one of the largest hotel terraces in the city, which can accommodate up to 200 guests. Not only does the space boast vibrant furnishings, the catering is as colourful. The delicious food on offer is inspired by the street fair style of the North African Maghreb region and modern Israeli cuisine. Situated between Hudson Yards and Times Square, the cherry on this creative space’s New York cheesecake is its unrivaled location and connections.

5. Sweet Space, Soho

With its huge windows drenching the room with sunlight, you can see why the gorgeous Sweet Space won our Eyecatcher Award for unique event spaces in New York City. The venue looks out into Soho, allowing guests to experience the creative neighbourhood from an oasis above. Comfortable for up to 40 people, this sunny loft is sure to leave a lasting impression with its open-plan kitchen and stripped-back wooden features. But if that’s not convincing enough, among the list of famous visitors to the loft is the spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

6. Rough Draft Coworking Space, Williamsburg

As unique venues in New York go, this one ticks all the boxes. The relaxed and hip vibe oozes productivity and innovation – the perfect attributes for a coworking space. Energetic artwork against the brick walls build a dynamic atmosphere, whilst the cosy break out rooms with warm lighting bring a calming mood to the creative space, keep guests relaxed yet focused. We particularly love the variety in desk sizes, making space for both collaboration and privacy.

7. The Mezzanine, Broadway

The Mezzanine by Bond Collective is undoubtedly the showstopper of our list of creative and unique event spaces in New York City. The most stylish event venue in the Financial District boasts an open kitchen and is flooded with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows by day and warm lighting from industrial chic style chandeliers by night. Also featured in this creative NYC space is the modern bleacher seating area, separate conference rooms and private phone booths.

Haven’t found the perfect venue for your event or party? Use our venue search to compare thousands more unique event spaces in New York.