4 Spaces for a Crisis Management Meeting

It could be a staffing issue, a PR disaster, or a negotiation that has run into hostile territory – crisis can strike in many different forms. When something unexpected has gone wrong and pressure is mounting, solutions are required – fast. The temptation might be to lock yourselves away in a room until a fix is in sight, but this kind of siege mentality can seriously limit your thinking. Instead, you need work spaces that create the right atmosphere for focused problem-solving. In the case that you don’t have a go-to crisis room (like the UK government’s COBRA), we have put together a quick list of top spaces for a crisis management meeting.

  1. The Meet & Move Room by Design Offices, Frankfurt

Kitted out with state-of-the-art creative technology, this meeting room helps to develop and display ideas interactively, which is ideal for finding workable solutions and deciding your next steps as quick as possible.  As well as the HD TV and whiteboard, this space boasts a write-on magnetic wall, for a more active approach to brainstorming. The floor to ceiling windows soak the room in natural light, which prevents cabin fever from setting in during a long day of meetings. Our favourite part of this space? The drinks fridge – for a quick refreshment break or to celebrate your hard work.

2. Meet In Place, New York City

One of the most important aspects of a crisis management meeting room is privacy, but this usually means a small, dingy room in the office basement – until now. Meet In Place incorporates secluded areas, with all the necessary amenities, into their modern and stylish meeting spaces. The atmosphere of productivity, motivation and success is sure to help overcome even the hardest of crises.

3. Uncommon Borough, London

At crunch time, it is easy to panic and feel stressed, which are big deterrents for productivity. This space in Borough, however, was designed to evoke a sense of tranquility to meetings. The blue walls and splashes of greenery create a combination of calmness and mental stimulation, to help attendees maintain a clear head. The space also has a variety of seating areas, lending itself to longer meetings; in addition to the movable desks there are swing chairs, perfect for a quick and refreshing break.

4. Zoku Work and Play Room, Amsterdam

Staying calm in pressured situations is vital, but with Zoku’s Work and Play Room you can take this one step further. With playfulness and collaboration at the centre of this design, this room encourages a more light-hearted approach to problem solving. The quirky elements, such as the ping-pong table doubling as a desk, allow guests to relax and stay open-minded. Seeing a crisis in this new light can help find an unexpected and creative answer.

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