Welcome to the Spacebase Campus!

Image of a seminar room in Kreuzberg

This week we launch our new Spacebase Campus, the next hotspot for creative thinking and collaboration in Berlin. It’s a big move for us. Our heart is still in Kreuzberg – we’ve moved just round the corner from our last premises – but our new base is even bigger and more beautiful than before.

As well as offices for us, the Campus offers you the next level of comfortable, practical meeting rooms. We’ve made booking them easy and set them up to host all kinds of events. For us, the Campus is an incubator for ideas, and a meeting point for getting work done or launching your next big move.

So welcome to the Spacebase Campus. Lights are on, the pencils sharp, the plants all watered. The chairs are comfortable and the sun is out. The whiteboards are waiting for your ideas and the mugs are ready for your coffee.

What is the Spacebase Campus? 

Image of an event space in Kreuzberg

The Campus is the name for our new headquarters and concept location on Muskauer Straße. It’s a huge building, bang in the centre of Kreuzberg. In a previous life, the site was occupied by a lamp factory which has now been redesigned from scratch.

The thinking behind the Campus is simple: we like to try new things. The move has given us a chance to try out fresh ideas and develop an unbeatable venue for Berlin’s tech and startup community.

“The Spacebase Campus is just the latest extension of our approach,” explains Julian Jost, our co-founder and CEO. “Since we began Spacebase, we’ve been connecting people with spaces to help them get more out of meetings. Now with the Campus, we can put all the know-how we developed into practice in one venue.” 

„The Campus is also good news for our space providers. We want to inspire you by showing how to maximise the potential of the spaces you offer on our platform. It will also help us to understand what it’s like to manage multiple spaces, so we can offer even better support.“

What facilities does the Campus have?

Image of a workshop room in Kreuzberg

The Campus has a range of spaces, for all sizes or formats of event. All you need to do is choose how you want to use them. 

For interviews and tête-à-têtes, the Focus Room is a distraction-free zone of peace and concentration. For larger brainstorming sessions, the Workshop Garage gives teams a chance get to grips with their creative process – Lego, building blocks, and Play-Doh are ways to model new ideas. For dev and tech teams, we have the Hacker Space, with a magnetised wall for Kanban workflow management (and a Nintendo for breaks). 

For larger workshops and roundtables, our seminar room and the two ground floor Garages offer even more space for teams to get together, in brightly-lit, industrial-chic surroundings. Our gorgeous event space, lastly, offers a luminous and adaptable floorspace for gatherings of up to 60 people.

We took a clean, simple approach to interior design, and the spaces are flooded with natural light. In the kitchens, there are coffee machines for a shot of energy, while delicious food and drinks can be booked in advance. For a breath of fresh air, the two courtyards offer a handy breakout space.

Where is the Campus?

You can find us at Muskauer Straße. We’re just a couple of minutes away from local icons like the St-Thomas-Kirche and Görlitzer Park, and close to some of the best eating options in the city. 

Come and join us! The Spacebase Campus is now open and we’d love to see more of you at our space.

Learn more about the Spacebase Campus – download the press release. (DE | FR)

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