Finding the perfect meeting room

An infographic explaining what makes the perfect meeting room
Spacebase infographic

You’re starting a new project, and it’s time to pitch your ideas. Or maybe you’re part of a new team, and nothing unites a group like a good creative brainstorm. You could even be tying up loose ends; presenting your findings, your achievements, and your goals for next quarter.

The bottom line is, there are plenty of reasons to have a meeting. But meetings aren’t always as productive as we’d like. In fact, 71% of executives interviewed by the Harvard Business Review admitted they found meetings to be unproductive and inefficient.

Of course, some things are always out of your control. But Spacebase truly believe that where you are affects how you work, and the most productive, most memorable meetings always start with a great space.

So, to help you understand what we mean when we say a ‚great space‘, we had a rifle through some of our data. The result? A easy-to-read infographic detailing everything you should be looking for when booking your next room. Happy meeting!

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