5 top tips for renting out your office space

If you’re a space provider with Spacebase, you naturally want to get the most out of your venue – but sometimes it can be hard to know what works. Luckily, we’re always keeping an eye on the numbers and listening to feedback from your bookers, and we’ve come up with a few tips to make sure that your space ticks all the right boxes.

1. Get noticed

The first step toward getting bookings is to make sure your space profile stands out. The first thing bookers will notice about your space is how it looks – so instead of relying on your smartphone’s grainy camera, use professional-quality images. Remember, Spacebase is a platform for other businesses: even if your space is out of the ordinary, bookers still want to see that it will match their own companies’ standards. Taking photos from different angles, or which show off how your space looks when it’s set up in different ways, can also help bookers get a better idea of what you’re offering.

2. Tell us more

Good photos can make a world of difference, but looks aren’t everything. When bookers click through to your profile, they want to have all the important information at their fingertips. These are the essential points to cover:

  • Space description. This should be between 250 and 300 words, and available in English and your local language – if you want to sound professional, then make sure you get it translated by a native speaker! A detailed description will help your bookers understand what’s special about your space – whether it’s the look, the location, or the extra services you provide. Getting across key points in your description can also cut down on extra messages from bookers.
  • Calendar and opening times. In order to book your space, other users need to know when it’s available. It might sound basic, but a lot of our space providers forget to keep their calendar updated, which leads to disappointed bookers. For guidance on how to integrate and update your calendar, click here.
  • Pricing. We appreciate that some spaces may need to vary their pricing from booking to booking. However, many bookers search our website using the price range slider. By setting your hourly and daily pricing – as well as the cost of any extras – you’ll be sure to get more people looking at your profile.
  • Details. When people book a space through Spacebase, they want to know that it’s just right – so including details such as floor size and available setups is essential. You should also let us know which of our highlights apply to your space: does it have several rooms? Is it filled with natural light? Tell us all about it!

3. Be responsive

Once a booker has decided that your space fits the bill, you’ll have 4 hours to confirm their reservation. No confirmation means no booking – so make sure you keep on top of requests. Some bookers might also want to know a bit more about your space, or ask for something special: if you’re quick to reply, they’ll be more likely to go ahead with the booking (and to book again in future!).

4. Go the extra mile

Feedback from our bookers shows that they value good service. Whether it’s great catering, a friendly reception, or a speedy solution when the WiFi goes down, putting in extra effort can boost ratings and earn you repeat bookings. You should also make sure that your space is well decorated and maintained: as with Tinder, if what you’re offering doesn’t match up to the photos, then people will be disappointed.

5. Get them talking

So now that you’ve followed all our tips, your bookers are happier than ever – the final step is to get them talking about it. Encourage your bookers to leave a rating and a review, so that other people know that you’re the real deal.

To see what a really top-notch space looks like, stay tuned for the announcement of the Spacebase 2019 Space Award winners. And if you’ve got any other questions, you can look at our FAQ for space providers.

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