Cool & Collective Networking in NYC


Cool, (not too) calm and collective are three perfect words to describe our cozy and communal meetup last week at Unarthodox in NYC. The warm, open workshop space welcomed in office visionaries from around the city, where the buzzing environment created the perfect platform for informative and animated discussions. Thanks to our speakers from Unarthodox and Boxed NYC, the night was intimate enough to harbor a friendly question and answer session about the future of office innovation. The intimate vibe of the meetup was enjoyed by all, as were the delicious bites provided by Bartleby & Sage and tasty snacks to-go provided by Boxed NYC.


If you were one of our visionary visitors, feel free to check out more photos of the event on our Facebook page. If you were one of the unlucky ones who missed our last event, never fear! We’ve got another energizing event scheduled for January 25th. Like us on Facebook to stay updated!

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