Green means go: why you should create an eco-friendly workspace


Have you ever felt trapped inside your workspace all day? Sitting at your desk, head down, all day long? In an era of co-working spaces, constant interaction, communication and environmental consciousness, an inspiring, unique and eco-friendly workspace is crucial to attracting and retaining the best employees.

The days of grey cubicles and formal conference rooms are gone. The workforce nowadays demands collaboration rather than isolation, and creating environmental friendly spaces has emerged as one of the biggest trends in the last few years. It has been proved that having a more flexible and multi-purpose space is a key element in improving communication, productivity and creativity, as well as from being kind to the planet.  


The sharing economy champions communal use over private ownership. This is a way of reducing waste and pollution at work:

“The emerging sharing economy is helping to solve many of these issues. It is now possible to share things rather than needing to own everything ourselves. Making available what you don’t need to others can mean reduced waste and reduced pollution from industries producing the goods.”

The possibilities are almost limitless and in addition to small habit changes, like using greener office supplies or LED lighting, there are some fun, creative and trendy ways to redesign the office without harming our planet. Using the three R’s – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle – is a great way of making the workspace unique and flexible, even better if you take it to next the next level and upcycle it.


Bring eco-friendly trends into your workplace

Wooden pallets are the most popular and versatile when it comes to reusing unconventional and discarded materials. This creates a product of higher value than the original, rather than manufacturing a new one. From desks and coffee tables, to chairs and bookcases, pallets have become a popular addition to workspaces thanks to their practicality and flexibility: everything can be moved, so the decoration adapts to the event or meeting needs. It’s all about helping the environment, helping others and solving a problem.


When people don’t feel like they are trapped indoors all day, they work better and that’s why a workspace should be open to outside and, if possible, have natural light.

Vertical gardens and indoor sustainable farms are another arising eco-trend. They don’t just create a refreshing and healthy atmosphere – plants absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen – but also because they provide urban communities the tools to grow fresh local produce.


By simply bringing a basic human pleasure like nature into the workplace, the issue of employee dissatisfaction and discomfort can be work solved. Studies show that exposing employees to nature can increase their efficiency up to 12%; and big organizations such as Facebook and Dropbox have already embraced this idea.

This indoor farm located in Berlin combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable design in a dynamic multi-purpose space. This close proximity to nature allows people to feel rejuvenated  and become more familiar with where their food is coming from.

There are endless ways of ‘greening’ a workspace but it’s clear that a thoughtful decor and aesthetic design could provide the perfect interaction between nature and humans at work.

We at Spacebase hope to have inspired you to make your workspace more eco-friendly and promote team productivity and wellbeing. Have a look at our portfolio at and discover more.

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