55 Euro voucher for your next meeting booking



For booking flights you can earn miles and for hotels free nights. Now you can earn rewards for booking meeting rooms. Only for limited time, we reward all meeting bookers.

  • For your next booking with Spacebase we reward you with a 55€ voucher for Amazon, Zara or Ikea.
  • The next time you book just enter the code: “ThankYouSpacebase” in the voucher field
  • This offer is valid for all bookings abover 100€ hire fee for meetings that are booked until 10.10.2015 with the stated code over spacebase.com and that take place until 31.12.2016. You will receive the voucher one week after conducting the meeting. In case of cancelation or not showing up, the  voucher will not be issued. Per person only one voucher can be released. We reserve the right to end this offer at anytime.

This is how it work: