Great Destinations For Sunny Workshops


The summer is here and you might be looking forward to some beautiful days on a beach in Spain or some city trips to all the nice cities this world has to offer. Too bad the holidays are gone before you know it, and it is time to go back to work again.  What if we tell you that you can keep the holiday spirits even when you are working, or to be more precisely, meeting with your colleagues. We at Spacebase believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the sun all summer long, and that is why we take a look at some great summer locations that are currently in our portfolio. The best thing about it? These locations are all available for your next workshop or meeting! Enjoy the summer!


When you think about summer one of the things that surely crosses your mind is sitting on a terrace until late in the evening with some beverages. Chatting with friends while a mild summer breeze sweeps over the terrace is something most of us enjoy immensely. Did you know that a terrace is also a perfect location for a workshop in the summer? Why sit inside in a sweaty room when you can sit outside and enjoy the perfect weather? Let us recommend a few great locations to you!


Another type of space that can be a great location for a workshop is a penthouse. Luckily, there are quite a few penthouses that you can rent with your company in different cities around the world. All these penthouses are spacious and bright, which makes them perfect to rent for a workshop in the summer. Step away from a boring and dimly lit meeting room this summer and book a beautiful penthouse instead!


A lot of people go on a holiday on a cruise ship every year, but also sailing on smaller boats is a popular leisure activity. But do you know that boats can also be used as a location for a great workshop? Especially in the summer a boat is a perfect and unique location for your next business event. A lot of boats have a terrace or even a retractable roof so you can enjoy the summer sun during your workshop or meeting! Below you can find a few examples of beautiful boats.


While terraces, penthouses and boats are great locations to hold a workshop in the summer they are certainly not the only suitable locations. The last 3 locations that we want to present to you don’t really belong in a category, but they are perfect for a workshop in the summer!

We from Spacebase hope to have inspired you to book a great location this summer for your workshop to make you able to fully enjoy this years summer, even while working. Of course the above location are just examples of spaces in our portfolio and if you take a look on you can find plenty more!