ZEUS EventTech Summer Festival 2018

ZEUS EventTech Summer Festival 2018

Gestern fand das große ZEUS EventTech Summer Festival auf der wunderschönen Alice Rooftop Dachterrasse statt und war mit über 150 Anwesenden ein voller Erfolg! ZEUS ist eine Fusion aus verschiedenen EventTech Start ups und Firmen. Zusammen mit unseren ZEUS Partnern von ucm, eventmobi und mate haben wir den sommerlichen Tag ausgenutzt, um sich mit interessanten Leuten auszutauschen und mehr über die neusten Trends in der Meeting- und Eventindustrie zu erfahren.

Unsere Berliner Caterer Beets and Roots stellten diveses Fingerfood zur Verfügung, was sich nicht nur als leckere Köstlichkeit herausstellte, sondern obendrein auch noch super gesund war! Die Jungs legen viel Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und umweltfreundliche Produkte. Mit Protein-Bowls und mexikanischen Wraps sorgten sie für das perfekte Abendessen an diesem heißen Augusttag.

Fotograf Marcel Wittstadt hat uns über den Abend begleitet und viele schöne Schnappschüsse der Veranstaltung gemacht, die die entspannte Atmosphäre der Gäste eingefangen haben.

Ein großes Dankeschön geht an alle Partner und die zahlreich erschienenen Gäste! Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Event!

The Spacebase Office: Berlin’s Secret Coworking Hotspot


Berlin is internationally known for being one of Europe’s coolest capitals with tons of underground hotspots to discover and enjoy. The secretive nature of some of the city’s spaces may date back to the days when Berlin was divided and heavily surveilled or it could be a result of the hipster notion that anything mainstream is immediately uncool. In any case, Berlin is chock-full of these uber-cool underground hangouts, which contributes to the city’s reputation for being ahead of the curve on all things cool.

In addition to tons of other trends, Berlin was one of the first cities to start coworking. “Digital Bohemians,” or so they were called in 2006, were patrons of St. Oberholz in Berlin, one of the first cafes to offer free internet access for working guests. Now, Berlin has coworking spaces across the city, though not all of them adhere to Berlin’s cheap and underground style. In fact, many of Berlin’s coworking spaces are very un-Berlin in that they’re expensive and filled with predictable Ikea furniture.

If you’re looking to finish up some freelancing on a Berlin budget, you’ll be happy to find refuge at Spacebase, which offers Berlin’s cheapest rentable workspace with underground style included at no extra cost. The 20€ daily rate for a single desk space in the room is the same price as an anti-gravity brewed craft beer in Brooklyn, and at least the coworking space will leave a good taste in your mouth. The secret coworking room is located in the heart of Kreuzberg and you’ll have to pass giant, ever-changing murals of street art and countless different ethnic restaurants to reach the space. Once you find the address, you’ll wander curiously into a courtyard, or Hinterhof, with kitschy bikes and funky flower pots lining the walls. You’ll also have to pass a karate class, a hat shop and a tire-changing station with a mechanic who is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth.

Your daily dose of Berlin’s eclectic style won’t stop once you reach the industrial metal door to the stairway. After ascending three stories, you’ll walk into the office and feel the instant vibe of cool. The effortlessly hip workspace features pallets instead of shelves, which were found outside, given a few precise cuts and hung in their new homes on the wall of this former Kreuzberg apartment. Nothing says Berlin like using what’s available (and free) to jazz up your interior design. A clean chalkboard sits across from the raw wooden meeting table, both of which lie waiting for your ideas and brainstorms to be sprawled across them.

The workspace isn’t technically a full coworking space because there are no memberships; all workspace rentals are based on an hourly or daily basis and Spacebase is the only company that’s permanently hosted here. However, the coworking atmosphere of collaboration and buzz is strong in the office. Spacebase’s employees come from diverse backgrounds, with over eight nationalities represented across their 16 employees. You’ll find it easy to strike up a conversation near the shared kitchenette, giving you that same collaborative vibe seen in coworking spaces. For the price and ease of booking, you won’t find a cooler place to work.